Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sign Up To Your Favorite Store/Restaurant Newsletter

You can save money by simply enrolling in your favorite stores newsletter. Now a days almost every store is online and by signing up they send their current promotions and coupons to your e-mail.  If you have a Facebook account you can also "like" their page. Some restaurants also have the option to subscribe to their newsletter. The following are some of my favorites....

Kohls = I recently got a $10/$10 online coupon.

Justice = I get 40% coupons all the time

JcPenney = Different coupons even $10/$10

Chili's Bar & Grill = Free Chips and Queso coupon for signing up 

***These are some of the promotions/coupons I received by signing up I can't guarantee you will receive the same offers. Each company has different promotions at different times.

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