Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thanks, Mail Carrier has a $100 Sears giveaway!!

Would you like to win a $100 Sears gift card? Thanks, Mail Carrier is having a giveaway and you can enter it here.

Good luck =]

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joe Shopping's This Is My Bucket List

Joe Shopping's is having a Kindle Fire giveaway. All you have to do is make a bucket list. Since I never thought of myself in the "other" side, I have never made one before! Like many people say, "There is a first time for everything!" There are a millions things I would love to do before crossing to the unfamiliar side, of course one would be to never step into it to begin with - haha! Getting to the point, here is my bucket list, hope you get a giggle or two out of it!

1. I am terrified of sharks, but love watching Shark week, and I would like to get over my fear and swim with them. Although I think I should learn how to swim first, you know because getting in the water with a white shark could just end my bucket list right there and then!
2. I'm a picky eater and would love to have the guts of Andrew Zimmern to eat all the "guts" he actually eats. I would give this a try and just think that it comes in one way and out the other, you know, to get the rhythm going!
3. I would go in a wild hunt for Justin Bieber and accuse him of being the father of my baby, haha just kidding. I would actually fulfill my oldest daughters dream of ever meeting him. It just wouldn't feel right in the "other" side without helping out my daughter, family time is the best time!! Oh what the heck, I have Bieber Fever too!!
4. Call me crazy but I would love the rush of stealing the worlds most expensive item, whatever it is. I would love to have a team like Oceans eleven. That would be out of this world!
5. Last but not least, I would join a massive paint ball team contest and/or do some crazy stunts like Jackass!!
If I could include another one I would travel to other planets, it would be awesome to come across some aliens!!!

You can check out more of Joe Shopping's list here.

If you would like to enter the contest you can do so by entering here.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Babyguy Gear Guide is giving away 7 Clek seats!

I'm glad I ran into this giveaway.  They are giving away not 1 but 7 Clek seats.  This is the first time I have heard or seen this seats and when I visited their page my mouth dropped!  They are so awesome.  I think they are well worth the price! I would love to win one.  You can enter this giveaway here.

Be sure to continue following The Babyguy because they will be having more giveaways + their reviews are awesome!!

MomSpotted J.J. Cole Nursery Storage ONE DAY Giveaway!

Momspotted is having a awesome giveaway.  $75 value, you will get everything pictured. This is a one day only giveaway, so enter to win!!  Enter here.