Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Received My $20 Cada Cabeza Check


I just received my third $20 check from Cada Cabeza.  They are a Latino based survey company. You can redeem a $20 for every 1000 puntos you accumulate. You can make your first $20 check in a couple of minutes.  All you have to do is register here and confirm your registration via your email.  You can then log into your account.  Once you are logged in you can go under your account and answer several surveys already waiting for you.  They are very short and they are for 100 points each, you have 9 for a total of 900 points.  All you have left to do is recommend one of your family or friends to join the site and they will give you 100 points to get your 1000 for your very first check.  I receive about 1-2 surveys a week and they are mostly for 200 points, it is rare that I don't qualify and if you don't you still get 20 points. It is very easy to accumulate your points.  Although this is a Latino Spanish site, they still give you the option to take the surveys in English. so if you have a little extra time on your hands you can register to join their site here.

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