Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ipad2 Giveaway at Pink Dandy Chatter

Head on over here to enter for a chance to win a Ipad2 at Pink Dandy Chatter.  Hurry before it ends.

Life and My Finances Has A Great Giveaway!!

Just head on over to LIfe and My Finances here and enter for a chance to win a Ipad2. Yes you read it right, a Ipad2.  He also has some other prizes.  Hurry before its ends.

How To Sell Stuff On Ebay

I stumbled across a great web site, Christian Personal Finance.  He has some great articles ranging from different topics.  The one that I liked was about eBay.  You can see all about it here.  It lets you know the correct way to sell items on eBay.