Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I just got approved to test out another product at Smile.lySmile.ly is a program that you can join to receive different products and services for FREE! As a Smile.ly member, you get to be among the first people to learn about and try out new products and services. All you have to do in return is share your opinion with family and friends and then let Smile.ly know about those experiences. By giving your honest opinion you help the company improve their products.

Smile.ly is based in status levels. What that means is, the more you are involved in the site, the  faster you upgrade to another level.  The 5 status levels are the following:

Level 1: Everyone begins here.
Level 2: When you complete your first mission, you advance to Level 2.
Level 3: Complete 5 missions and have 300 smiles
Level 4: After 20 missions and 1000 smiles. You can participate in the Leadership Panel, moderating on Smile.ly Connect and more.
Level 5: Top rewards are reserved for top members.

Smiles can be earned by...
Becoming a Member
Completing Profile Surveys
Logging In
Creating a Smile.ly Connect
Completing Missions
Recruiting New Smile.ly Members

I know it looks like a lot but it really isn't. If you have any questions, ask away!

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